I want to buy an extender cable or a replacement cable. What should I get?

Third Party Replacement Cables:

A good option for replacement cables are those from Pro Audio LA. They can be ordered in lengths from 2 feet up to 55 feet and ship worldwide.

Pro Audio LA - Sphere L22 Microphone Cable


Other options can be found at Thomann.

Pro Snake Stereo Y-Cable - 5 meter

Pro Snake Stereo Y-Cable - 3 meter


Third Party Extension Cables:

The simplest option is to just use two standard 3-pin XLR cables as an extender. Generally, this is what we recommend since you probably already have that. But there are also 5-pin extender cables if you prefer.

Cable Techniques CT-PX-510 Premium Stereo Microphone Cable - 10' (3.04m)

Remote Audio Starquad XLR 5-Pin (25-feet) (7.62m)

Ambient Recording MKS8 XLR-5 Female to XLR-5 Male Stereo Microphone Cable (26.24')

Cable Techniques CT-PX-550 Premium Stereo Microphone Cable - 50' (15.24m)

Make sure you do NOT buy a 5-pin cable that says it’s intended for use with DMX lighting systems. Usually, with those cables, not all five pins are wired.


Custom Made Cables

If you want to build a custom-made cable the Sphere microphone XLR pinout is as follows: